Game Development

I’ve been tooling around as a self-taught programmer for nearly ten years. I’ve developed a variety of games and game-adjacent projects that have had The following are a collection of those that I’d like to share. There are others; twisted, unfinished things that, while quite educational, are best left in their drawers.

Most of these will be projects I’ve done on my own, with contribution from folks with specific skills I just don’t have like how to record audio, or draw (really my hands are just not meant for any artistic endeavors). There are some team efforts, specifically gamejams I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of in the past. I’ll point those out as such.

My current field of expertise include:

  • C++/C#/LUA/Pyhton
  • Unreal 4
  • Unity 2018+

In all, I’ve spent several hundred hours programming in each of those languages and game engines. I got my start modding the StarCraft 2 engine, particularly hijacking the scripting layer in order to implement my own (simplified) physics engine. That got me started with a habit of designing and engineering gameplay systems from the ground up.