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Dead Space 2, a review

Isaac Clarke, an engineer for the CEC, woke up from his medically-induced stupor to face, for the second time, the horrors of the Marker and its progeny.  Agitated, though taking the gory mayhem in stride, he runs from his padded room while still strapped tight in a straightjacket. He isn’t surprised by the corpses mutilating the living with extraneous praying-mantis-like appendages. He knows exactly what is going on as he tried to avoid slipping on the blood and gore of the nurses, doctors and patients. What he’d like to find… Read more Dead Space 2, a review

This week at the Green Dragon In…

Recently, I’ve written about the OnLive micro-console posing a challenge to the Big Three (Xbox360, PS3 and Wii), and Microsoft’s bid to revolutionize the way we interact with consoles altogether with Kinect. These are both signs of technology’s irreversible march forward. We could look back at the coleco-vision and pinball machines to see how far electronic entertainment devices have come, from a button and a dial to… nothing at all, via the multi-button monstrosities we’re grasping onto today. The controls also meant the games became more involved, more detailed, if… Read more This week at the Green Dragon In…

Onlive: Cloud Computing and Consoles

As technology seems to inexorably go marching on, we’re about to start seeing new ways to bring gaming into our living rooms. Kinect for the Xbox 360 and Move for the PS3 are examples of that, but there’s another branch growing from the same tree. For some time, the term “cloud computing” , in which a single task is shared amongst a network in order to lighten the load. There have been cloud computing applications for a while now, even some where the public can offer their own idle cycles… Read more Onlive: Cloud Computing and Consoles

The Indies are coming… to a console near you.

This week’s article for the Green Dragon Inn blog. With the advent of the new Xbox 360 dashboard, a series of changes have also been put in place in the Games Marketplace, shifting the indie-developed games into its own special corner, according to Kotaku. The dashboard has been redesigned to push these games back into a more accessible, as you can see from the article, but only after the independent game developer community raised its voice in a singular clamor. What’s interesting is the influence that community displayed in this… Read more The Indies are coming… to a console near you.

Motion Control: Trying to get you off the couch

The following is an article I wrote for I’ll be writing console news and articles for them. If you’ve been playing videogames long enough you’ll remember things like the Super-scope, the floor mats, and a handful of other gadgets that took the controller out of your hands and allowed you to interact with games in a different way. They were just another piece of plastic that would get tossed in a box to be forgotten in the back of the attic as soon as the fad died down. Those… Read more Motion Control: Trying to get you off the couch