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Heraklion – an RPG module.

Heraklion A module for the Heavy Gear Universe Cesar Mateo Gonzalez 3/4/2013 This is a module I’ve been working on for some time. It’s the setting for a campaign currently being written with a scifi murder-mystery set in the world of Heavy Gear. It can also serve as the setting for any number of adventures, especially those with a gothic feel. Published in 2013 by Aurora, the DP9 Fanzine. Dirty clothes   “Listen to me.” Adler grabbed Remy by the arm. “I don’t care how tough, or how much smarter… Read more Heraklion – an RPG module.

Another vignette — Indoctrination

There were plenty of reason for Michael Alberti to worry about the work he was doing. The tools he was given were the best; the electrical arc sparking at the heat- end was steady, perfect to carve clean, flowing lines. The brands, the inks and needles were no less luxurious. He knew most of colleagues working beside him as well, some of them personally and the rest by reputation. They were the best artists in the city of Strathchylde, and the whole of the Eastern Sun Emirates, working together in… Read more Another vignette — Indoctrination

Vignette from something I’m working on

Virhem held the head of the sleeping train conductor in his hand gently, with the same sort of attitude an orderly would hold their patient, practiced and dispassionate. The white noise of the train whispering on its tracks, hovering on the cushion of electromagnetic repulsion, softened the sound of the twitching and scuffling as the train conductor’s body struggled for a moment to wake up. The narcotic mixed in with the paralyzing agent was too strong. His eyes fluttered for a few, never quite opening before they closed for good.… Read more Vignette from something I’m working on

Defeated (Story seed for a Heavy Gear RPG campaign)

The SRL Robespierre and its corvette escorts had been forced from the field by the vanguard of a northern battlegroup. Leaving elements of their gear and armor patrols stranded in the canyons of the northern region of Aquitaine, the Robespierre was a protagonist in one of the South’s most shameful debacles. Seizing the opportunity, the North’s capital ship Vigilance deployed the Tornado-class cruiser Harbinger, along with a handful of recon and support units. The ensuing bombardment shattered the remaining southern forces on the ground. – Terra Nova Military History, Volume… Read more Defeated (Story seed for a Heavy Gear RPG campaign)