Dead Space 2, a review

Isaac Clarke, an engineer for the CEC, woke up from his medically-induced stupor to face, for the second time, the horrors of the Marker and its progeny.  Agitated, though taking the gory mayhem in stride, he runs from his padded room while still strapped tight in a straightjacket. He isn’t surprised by the corpses mutilating the living with extraneous praying-mantis-like appendages. He knows exactly what is going on as he tried to avoid slipping on the blood and gore of the nurses, doctors and patients. What he’d like to find out is why it’s happening again, and where his tools have gone to so he can fix it.

That’s Isaac Clarke for you. He’s an absolute workaholic.

Much like Ripley in Alien 3, he’s come to grips with the fact that this kind of horror exists. Not only that, he’s also come to accept that he is very closely linked to that devouring nightmare. Again, much like Ripley.  In Dead Space 2 we see Isaac confront that nightmare like he did aboard the Ishimura in the first game; armed with a plasma-cutter, his RIG exo-suit, and the fraying remains of his sanity. This time, you’re in the Sprawl, a space station built on Jupiter’s moon, Titan. The stakes are higher this time. Convergence is at hand, and it’s much worse than anyone imagined.

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The Promethean Cycle

I’ve attached a small script (three scenes) to this post. This is an adaptation of a concept I initially explored in a short story I wrote in Spanish. It’s a somewhat hard sci-fi story I’m still developing, exploring a number of concepts through it. It’s one of my more intellectual endeavors, as I’m chasing down a couple of abstract white whales here, such as religion, fate, human nature, and so forth.

In any case, here’s the link.