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Month: July 2014


Another section of the story “The Chiron” kicks off. “Alright, how about this one,” Odie started as he leaned over the back of Jane’s pilot seat in the cockpit of the Vespertina.  “Military police gets called into a factory after a grisly murder…” “Malfunctioning adjuntant killed him”, Jane interrupted. She didn’t even look up, speaking in a theatric monotone. Tau Bellum was slowly rising up to meet them as she banked the left edge of her salvager ship’s wing into the atmosphere. “Really, you don’t have any stories left. Face it,… Read more Stories

The Prometheus Cycle – Translation

This is a translation of a story I published in Spanish a while ago. The translation was done by Amanda Black: (Any fault with the style/language of the document is entirely my own. She is a superb translator) The Prometheus Cycle by César Mateo González In the year 4462 of our era, the Xenomorphological Studies Institute of the Third Capital Planet, which studies alien beings, received a message from the Archimedes Way Station, which orbited the planet Kappa VII. The memo took fifty years to arrive at its destination. The… Read more The Prometheus Cycle – Translation

The Chiron

Starcraft II Fan-fiction “One quarter forward, five degrees starboard. Keep her on her axis.” Captain Farland gave the order while he stood at the Chiron’s command console, in the midst of the bridge’s simmering activity. Captain Farland had only his imperious presence and the chevrons of his sleeve as his marks of station.  The Chiron was not a military vessel after all; it was a scientific cruiser, tasked with studying specific phenomena throughout the fringes of Koprulu Sector. “Aye-aye. One quarter forward, double-oh-five degrees starboard on the plane”, the helmsman replied. The Chiron responded… Read more The Chiron