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Month: May 2019

Character study – Letting the voices speak for themselves.

Related to the last one. More experimentation. Aiming for a pulp-fiction-seen-through-a-1980s-horror-movie-vibe. — You’re asking me why I’m doing this? I could say that it’s my job, sure. But that’s not what you’re after, is it? No, you want to know how I got started. Maybe then you’d really understand. No, I wasn’t poor. I wasn’t abused, I wasn’t a street rat, begging for scraps of bread and stealing the loaf when someone offered it to me. My family wasn’t rich, but we weren’t beggars. My parents worked. My father was… Read more Character study – Letting the voices speak for themselves.

A small character study

** So this is a small experiment I did in order to define a character I’ll be writing about for a new project. It’s, like everything I write,  a bit meandering. So, forgive the mess. This is nothing more than an effort to record the little trip I took with them. ** Who is the old man? What does he care about? The truly demented, and honestly *boring* sort would clench their fist, grind some yellowed teeth and say “POWER!”, as though power in and of itself was the goal.… Read more A small character study