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How Heavy Gear Assault can take the lunch money of its direct competitors

With the return of the Mechwarrior franchise and Hawken making a big splash, Heavy Gear Assault finds itself at a fulcrum where it can make use of this mecha-friendly moment in time and catch up with the competition, or where it may slip back into obscurity. The answer is simply; be distinctive. Stand out from your competitors as they stand out from each other before trying to just be “better” than they are at what they do. Heavy Gear will be the last entrant to the mecha-game market with a… Read more How Heavy Gear Assault can take the lunch money of its direct competitors

A brief look at Hawken, a mech game

Hawken, created by a small developer studio called Adhesive Games, is part of this revival Mech-centered games have experienced in the past year. The Hawken team launched an announcement video in early 2011, showing bipedal machines engaging one another in highly kinetic, fast-paced combat in a science-fiction dystopia with guns and rockets. There was plenty for a Mech-head to like there, but there were several questions that arose from it: Will this game really convey the sense to the player that they’re piloting a machine, or will it feel as… Read more A brief look at Hawken, a mech game

Dead Space 2, a review

Isaac Clarke, an engineer for the CEC, woke up from his medically-induced stupor to face, for the second time, the horrors of the Marker and its progeny.  Agitated, though taking the gory mayhem in stride, he runs from his padded room while still strapped tight in a straightjacket. He isn’t surprised by the corpses mutilating the living with extraneous praying-mantis-like appendages. He knows exactly what is going on as he tried to avoid slipping on the blood and gore of the nurses, doctors and patients. What he’d like to find… Read more Dead Space 2, a review