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Month: July 2010

Defeated (Story seed for a Heavy Gear RPG campaign)

The SRL Robespierre and its corvette escorts had been forced from the field by the vanguard of a northern battlegroup. Leaving elements of their gear and armor patrols stranded in the canyons of the northern region of Aquitaine, the Robespierre was a protagonist in one of the South’s most shameful debacles. Seizing the opportunity, the North’s capital ship Vigilance deployed the Tornado-class cruiser Harbinger, along with a handful of recon and support units. The ensuing bombardment shattered the remaining southern forces on the ground. – Terra Nova Military History, Volume… Read more Defeated (Story seed for a Heavy Gear RPG campaign)


The old man squinted through the veil of rain that covered the streets of Bombay, past the gate into the mansion beyond. Huddled, the shaman craved the solace of his home, with his old, aching body shivering under the thin blanket he had wrapped about him. The guard came back, wearing the expression of disdain that must’ve gotten him the job in the first place. — He’ll see you now, old man; the thug spoke in his perpetual annoyance. — I am indebted to your master’s generosity. Soon he’d find… Read more Colonialism.

The Diaspora

The Diaspora Once the herd was scattered and the tribe took to the wind, they splintered across the land. Lone ships flew to all manner of cities, and they weren’t the only newcomers that came to stay to those ports of call. Other tribes were there, with their own herds and villages destroyed. The migrant ships were grounded in rows on the field, tucked in a disparate pattern, where the shadow of one’s wing was cast over the craft next to it, or under it as it were. Such invasions… Read more The Diaspora

Foundry Boys

“You think they’re strong, those foundry boys? Like Hell they are. My grandfather told me stories about the machines they had before Lights-Out, and let me tell you, the things they had those days could wipe the floor with those toys. Hands? Feet? Bloody useless for a machine.” “As a matter of fact, smart-ass, I’ve heard stories too. You know they have some fuel oil left in the South West, right? You know they still have tanks out there, the kind that have gunpowder guns twice the size of your… Read more Foundry Boys

The Letter

There is no easy way out of this. You of all people should know that this is going to haunt you until you obey its call. Yes, you are scared, no you’re not the first, and there’s plenty of others wedged in the dragon’s smile. But if you manage to break through, if you manage to ignite and shine, for just a second, for just a flare… But yes, it might not even be real; that moment of glory might not even be perceptible once you reach it. Though, if… Read more The Letter

El Ciclo de Prometeo

Este cuento breve fue publicado en el numero 23 de la revista Axolotl Este es el registro de un mensaje recibido en el año 4462 de nuestra era por el Instituto de Estudios Xenomorfológicos del Tercer Planeta Capital. Proveniente del satélite-colonia Arquímedes, que orbitaba el planeta Kappa VII, este mensaje tomó cincuenta años en llegar a su destino. A continuación el mensaje: De: Aurelio Bolívar – Satélite Colonia Arquímedes – Perihelio de Kappa VII. Para: Instituciones Relevantes a la Xenomorfología – Complejo Imperial. Asunto: Análisis de artefactos tipo “disco dorado”… Read more El Ciclo de Prometeo