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Month: April 2013

Wildstar Online – Writing Sample 1

Treatment 1 Title: The Navarro Crater Fields Concept: A web-post, written in Phineas’ voice, announcing the release of a new region Text: Greetings, consumers! Phineas T. Rotostar here, with another message for our valued Customers™. Let me ask you, have you been feeling run down lately? Is bathing in the blood of your enemies and/or neighbors just not putting the same pep in your step? Need a change, but you don’t know what to do? Don’t get a new haircut just yet — Come to the Navarro Crater Fields instead!… Read more Wildstar Online – Writing Sample 1

How Heavy Gear Assault can take the lunch money of its direct competitors

With the return of the Mechwarrior franchise and Hawken making a big splash, Heavy Gear Assault finds itself at a fulcrum where it can make use of this mecha-friendly moment in time and catch up with the competition, or where it may slip back into obscurity. The answer is simply; be distinctive. Stand out from your competitors as they stand out from each other before trying to just be “better” than they are at what they do. Heavy Gear will be the last entrant to the mecha-game market with a… Read more How Heavy Gear Assault can take the lunch money of its direct competitors

Heraklion – an RPG module.

Heraklion A module for the Heavy Gear Universe Cesar Mateo Gonzalez 3/4/2013 This is a module I’ve been working on for some time. It’s the setting for a campaign currently being written with a scifi murder-mystery set in the world of Heavy Gear. It can also serve as the setting for any number of adventures, especially those with a gothic feel. Published in 2013 by Aurora, the DP9 Fanzine. Dirty clothes   “Listen to me.” Adler grabbed Remy by the arm. “I don’t care how tough, or how much smarter… Read more Heraklion – an RPG module.